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Timber and Log Projects
One of the best things about our business is that every project is different.    A cabinet job is very exacting  and consists of many lists and critical measurements so that all appliances and fixtures integrate seamlessly.   Machine setup is critical so that the many hundreds of parts all fit together perfectly.  

A log project gives us a chance to throw away those lists and go wandering in the woods for a while.  Granted, we still need the end product to fit a specific dimension, but the individual parts need to be coaxed into position with intuition and a good sense of what the end product will look like.   When all you have to work with is a pile of sticks in the yard,  it can be a fun challenge!

We pride ourselves on being able to combine these two disparate woodworking crafts into something that is truly unique and also fulfills our goal of being built to a standard that will last for generations.

Big timbers are another challenge altogether.  Think cabinetry on a grand scale and you've got some sense of what timber framing is all about.  We use the same mortises, tenons and dovetails to create structures that will match the quality of all our other work.